Why is Small Batch Better?

Alison DiFiore
Published Feb 01, 2021. Read time: 1 minute

All of the products from Slow Island are prepared in small batches. This allows Chef Gida Snyder to tailor every aspect of each batch to the unique flavors of the ingredients she uses. Gida and her small team produce every product from Slow Island themselves. Contrary to mass produced food goods, Chef Gida is able to adjust her process and recipes to maximize the unique qualities of her hand-selected raw ingredients-elevating her final product as well as every ingredient that goes into it. Food goods that are mass produced typically have a primary goal of creating a large quantity of a uniform product. Craftsmanship is lost in this process because of the demands of manufacturing as well as being far removed from the supervision and insight of a skilled chef. Like comparing your grandmother’s from-scratch cookies to those in a box at the grocery store, small-batch goods prepared by Chef Gida are in a league of their own, and are something really special. By sourcing the best produce from local farms to overseeing the production in her kitchen, Gida is able to make sure she uses only the best to make the very best.


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