All About Caviar Limes

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Published Apr 09, 2020. Read time: 4 mins

All About Caviar Limes

Caviar limes are exciting little fruits that we can’t wait for you to try! Ever wonder what a caviar lime is, what it tastes like or when they’re in season? Your friends at FruitStand have you covered! Read on to learn all about the caviar lime.

What Is A Caviar Lime

Caviar lime is an exotic fruit that’s considered a microcitrus. Inside, caviar limes (or “finger limes”) have hundreds of teeny, round juice vesicles that resemble caviar. They have a pleasing, seedless crunch and explode in the mouth with a tart, sour citrus juice.

The peel of caviar lime has culinary uses like zesting, but is generally not eaten with the pulp. The skin of a caviar lime is a thin, pithy peel. The outer texture is flexibly sturdy and waxy, similar to that of other citrus fruits. A caviar lime’s color can vary from bright and dark shades of green, to blackish, purplish or even dark red. Inside, the full, round bubbles of caviar lime pulp can range in color from white, light green or pinkish.

The fruit is diminutive, growing to be about one to three inches, or about three to seven centimeters in length. Caviar limes are about as wide as a dime and have a banana or chili pepper like shape.

Unlike a lime’s droplet shaped pulp, caviar limes have loads of incredibly small and perfectly round bubbles that look strikingly similar to tobiko or caviar (hence the many nicknames). Caviar limes are often enjoyed by squeezing them directly out of the peel and topping off yogurt, salads, drinks and just about any recipe where a puckery-citrus note is welcome.

And how does a caviar lime taste? The flavor is often described as sour and tart with a unique, almost rosemary-like herbaceousness with a hint of mint. Others say it simply tastes like joy and happiness!

Where Does Caviar Lime Grow

Maybe you’re wondering, where in the world does caviar lime grow? Good question! Caviar lime grows natively in Australia, and is cultivated in the United States as well.

Your next question might be, how does it grow? Excellent question! These tiny fruits grow on a thorny shrub botanically known as Citrus australasica that’s native to Australia. The caviar lime tree can reach heights of over 20 feet, and produces white flowers that will eventually become the finger limes we know and love.

When Is Caviar Lime In Season

Caviar lime or “finger lime” season peaks in winter. Caviar limes can be found year-round, but generally grow from July through January. Caviar lime is native to Australia, and is now cultivated in other countries including the United States.

At FruitStand, we are bringing you the most premium fruits directly from small, specialty farmers. You’ll know exactly which farm your caviar lime comes from and when it was picked. In other words, the caviar lime you get from us is guaranteed to be fire.

Is Caviar Lime Organic

Whether a caviar lime is certified organic or not will depend on the farm where it was grown. We partner only with the best family farms for exceptional quality of produce. When each harvest is available, we will tell you when the fruit is considered organic or conventional.


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