All About Dragon Fruit

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Published Apr 06, 2020. Read time: 4 mins

All About Dragon Fruit

Once you’ve laid eyes on this hot pink produce, you’re going to want to know all about dragon fruit. For instance, did you know that dragon fruit is actually considered a berry? Well, slice me up and sprinkle me on granola!

We can’t wait to tell you everything there is to know about the fiery dragon fruit! Don’t worry, despite the fierce name, dragon fruits are nice, sweet and easy to eat. Read on for the juicy details about the white fleshed dragon fruit.

What is Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a tasty tropical fruit prized for its bold, colorful appearance and delicately sweet flavor.

On the outside, the dragon fruit has a hot pink to dark red rind that’s spiked with showy, green “scales” that make it easy to see how the dragon fruit got its mythical name. This hard to find berry goes by several other names too, like pitaya, pitahaya, strawberry pear and dragon pearl fruit.

Unripe dragon fruits are totally green. As they ripen, dragon fruits turn a bright, hot pink with leafy green “spikes”. Inside, the ripened fruit is both firm and tender. Our dragon fruit has white flesh with edible black seeds suspended in the pulp.

Did you know that dragon fruit also comes in pink and yellow fleshed varieties? While different varieties of dragon fruit grow from different species of cactus, the result is similar looking and tasting fruits with different colors. While there are different colors of dragon fruit, many dragon fruit lovers think they have very similar taste profiles. At FruitStand, we team up with a farm that grows impeccable white fleshed dragon fruit.

When you’re ready to eat dragon fruit, it can be easily sliced, scooped or blended into many recipes.The fruit tastes lightly sweet and floral, with a fresh and crunchy texture. If you’re looking for easy dragon fruit recipes, give our Dragon Fruit and Watermelon Salad or Dragon Fruit Martini a try! If you want advice on how to slice a dragon fruit, just visit our FAQ page!

Where does Dragon Fruit Grow

Maybe you’re wondering, how does dragon fruit grow? Good question! Dragon fruit grows natively in Mexico, Central America and South America. Today, dragon fruit is cultivated globally in tropical climates, primarily in Southeast Asia and the United States.

Your next question might be, how does it grow? This flashy culinary fruit grows on a special vining cactus called Hylocereus Undatus. The cactus produces flowers that are just as legendary as the fruit because of their dramatic and fragrant night blooming behavior. Those beautiful flowers are where the magic begins, because each of them is a promise of a new dragon fruit. The plant is known to grow quite quickly and can produce fruit for as long as 20 years!

When is Dragon Fruit in Season

Dragon fruit season is in the late spring to early fall, making this a wonderful summer time fruit. The best time of year to find dragon fruit is June through early September. Because dragon fruit is also produced globally, it’s possible to find in some specialty markets year-round.

At FruitStand, we are bringing you the most premium fruits directly from small, specialty farmers. You’ll know exactly which farm your dragon fruit comes from and when it was picked. In other words, the dragon fruit you get from us is guaranteed to be fire.

Is Dragon Fruit Organic

Whether a dragon fruit is certified organic or not will depend on the farm where it was grown. We partner only with the best family farms for exceptional quality of produce. When each harvest is available, we will tell you when the fruit is considered organic or conventional.


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