Black Sapote FAQs

nick musica
Nov 05, 2020 - 1 minute read

Black sapote fruits ripen from skins of bright green with yellow fruit, into a mature and rich, dark green peel and deep, chocolate colored fruit. About the size and shape of a squat tomato, ripe avocados have a thin, inedible, olive green peel. The fruit inside starts out hard, astringent and inedible, but with time, matures into a fruit that is sweet and scoopable with a cocoa and caramel flavor. Typically seedless, black sapote fruits can sometimes have up to a dozen hard, inedible seeds inside that should be discarded before eating.

Black sapote is a versatile fruit that’s used in foods and beverages alike. The chocolate pudding fruit, black sapote, is used raw in puddings, shakes and snacks. Black sapote is fermented into a brandy-like liqueur, and can be used as a rich, sweet ingredient in cocktails. This special fruit is used in recipes for sweets, pastries, snacks, drinks and flavorful sauces.


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