Cantaloupe FAQs

Nick Musica
Feb 22, 2021 - 1 minute read

Perhaps one of the most famous melons, cantaloupe has a very sweet, musky flavor with soft, dense flesh that is quite juicy when ripe. It has a refreshing sweetness that is enhanced by chilling or high heat. They’re round in shape, and typically weigh three to four pounds.

On the outside, ripe cantaloupe melons have a smooth, tan rind with a dry, slightly netted texture. When immature, cantaloupe will still have blushes of green on its skin. The rind is inedible and should be discarded. Inside, the flesh is deep, peachy orange with a soft cucumber texture. At the center of the fruit is a seed cavity that contains hundreds of edible seeds that are tan and oblong with a point at one end.


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