How to Eat Calamondin

Nick Musica
Mar 02, 2021 - 1 minute read

Calamondin is a citrus fruit with sour and tangy juice that tastes a lot like lemon, with more tangerine sweetness. They’re eaten most often in their half ripe stage, where the skin is still yellow and the flavor is much more bold and sour. As it ripens and turns orange, calamondin flavor matures into a mellow, subtle citrus juice. At this stage, it’s usually used in recipes where sugar is added to boost sweetness.

Calamondin are citrus fruits, meaning they’re loaded with delicate, pulpy sacs containing flavorful liquid. These fruits explode with tangy, orangey lemon flavored juice that matches the mood of their cheerful yellow and orange color.

These tiny fruits can be eaten whole as a solo snack, but they bring so much flavor to all kinds of food parties. Calamondin juice is excellent when paired with fish, poultry and even pork. It brings flavorful acidity to recipes for drinks as well as candies, desserts and sauces. Just about anywhere you like to use lemons or limes, calamondin is welcome!

How to prepare your lemon will depend on the recipe you’re using. Here are the most common ways to prepare lemon for just about any recipe.


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