How to Eat Canary Melon

Nick Musica
Published Mar 02, 2021. Read time: 1 minute

Melon lovers, allow us to introduce the canary melon. This sweet and tangy melon is unlike any other with its mild musk and bright flavor. Fresh canary melon has a cantaloupe-meets-asian pear flavor with soft, juicy flesh. The bright yellow beauty has a smooth rind that wrinkles slightly with ripeness. 

These special melons can be eaten raw in slices, or enjoyed in salads, smoothies, shakes and sorbets. They may also be cooked through grilling, boiling, baking and more! Heat brings out their natural sugars, giving them even more unique and complex flavor.

Canary melons can weigh up to five pounds, so take extra care when cutting your canaries. Always use a sharp chef’s knife and a heavy cutting board, secured with a wet towel underneath to keep the board stable.

  • Canary melons have a thick, waxy rind on the outside with softer, pearlike fruit on the inside. Start by slicing away ½ inch of the rind at the end of the melon where it was cut from the vine. Then, sit the canary upright on this flat surface. Starting at the top, slice away the rind in strips perpendicular to the cutting board. Cut all the way around the fruit, leaving no bitter rind on the flesh.
  • Cut the casaba in half from top to bottom. Set one half aside.
  • Scoop the seeds away and toss them into the compost bin.
  • Lay the long, flat surface of the melon on the cutting board, and cut the fruit into ½” or 1” slices. Serve as is, or sprinkled with spices.

Canary melon’s intoxicating aroma and delicately musky fruit is a welcome addition to many recipes. Fresh, succulent canary melon is used both raw and cooked, and balances dishes with its refreshing and juicy sweetness. High heat cooking methods like grilling and searing will caramelize the canary melons for an extra special fruit experience!

  • Raw: Use them raw in creative cheese boards, salads, granola bowls or simply drizzled with honey. Chop them into gazpacho, salsas and ceviche for fresh, delicate melon flavor.
  • Baking and Confection: Refreshing and sweet, canary melon is right at home in candy making, jams, jellies and other sweet desserts.
  • Grilling: This succulent fruit is begging to be sliced, skewered and caramelized at the next barbeque. You can also grill thick slices of canary melon along with your peaches and plums for a unique grilled fruit salad.

There are countless ways to add sweet, tangy canary melon to your drinks. Canary melon is delicious in fresh juices, enhanced waters, cocktails, batch drinks, smoothies and liqueurs. Turn them into syrup or toss frozen chunks into your blender to sip on something a little more slushy.

Here are some easy ways use canary melon in your drinks:

  • Juicing: Canary melon should be removed from the peel before juicing. Then, simply feed the flesh into your juicer for a fresh, tangy melon taste. Canary melon pairs well with other produce like pear, pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, peaches and cucumber.
  • Smoothies: If you’re wondering what to do with ripe canary melon, smoothies are a fantastic option. To prepare your canary melon for smoothies, slice the fruit into one inch chunks. Freeze them on a cookie sheet with space in between each piece. Once frozen, store them in an airtight container in the freezer. You can easily pop frozen canary melon cubes into smoothies!
  • Water: Dice up or melon ball pieces of canary melon to add to your water bottle along with fresh herbs like mint for an eye catching and delicious refresher.

Canary melons have a generous shelf life and can be stored whole on the countertop for about a week once they’re ripe. Those who live in warmer, humid climates may find better melon storage success by keeping them in the fridge. Canary melons can last up to two weeks in the refrigerator. Once sliced, canary melon fruit can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days.

To freeze canary melons, wait until they are fully ripened. Slice the melon to remove the inedible seeds and rind. Freeze sliced melon on a cookie sheet with space between each piece. Once frozen, store the fruit in an airtight container in the freezer for up to three months.

Can’t wait to sink your teeth into this soft, sweet melon? We’ve got great news for you! FruitStand is proud to partner with small, specialty farmers to bring you exceptional quality canary melon direct to your doorstep. To be the first to know when FruitStand is shipping fresh canary melon harvests, join our email newsletter!

 Do you feel like a canary melon eating expert now? Show us your favorite ways to prepare and eat canary melon by tagging us in your culinary masterpieces on Instagram @Fruitstandcom!


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