How to Eat Crenshaw Melon

Nick Musica
Feb 09, 2021 - 1 minute read

If you’ve never had a Crenshaw melon before, you are in for quite a surprise. Perhaps the sweetest of all the muskmelons, Crenshaws soft, succulent and peppery when ripe.

Fresh, incredibly sweet Crenshaw melon is used both raw and cooked, and balances dishes with its refreshing and juicy sweetness. Use them raw in creative cheese boards, salads, granola bowls or simply sprinkled with salt and a squeeze of fresh lime. High heat cooking methods like grilling and searing will caramelize the Crenshaw melons for an extra special fruit experience! Use Crenshaw melons are welcome in any part of the menu.

How to prepare your melons will depend on the recipe you’re using. Here are the most common ways to prepare melons for just about any recipe.


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