How To Eat Fuyu Persimmon

nick musica
Published Jun 07, 2020. Read time: 3 mins

How To Eat Fuyu Persimmon

Perhaps you've been at the market around the holidays and noticed a small orange pumpkin-shaped fruit whose skin resembles that of an apricot or your neighbor just dropped off a bunch of this fruit from a tree in their backyard that you've never seen before and have no idea what it is—let alone how to use it. First of all, say hello to the fuyu persimmon

Fuyu persimmons, or Diospyros kaki, have been cultivated all over Asia for thousands of years and are considered the national fruit of Japan. The name Diospyros actually means "divine fruit" in Greek which tells you the love that people have had for persimmons over many centuries.

Keep reading to learn how to prepare fuyu persimmon and how to use it!

Preparing Fuyu Persimmon

Before biting into your fruit, you'll want to make sure it's completely ripe. Fortunately, it's very easy! A ripe fuyu persimmon will be entirely orange, with no green remaining. If you have a little green on your fruit, just leave it on the counter to finish ripening completely.

You can eat your fuyu persimmon like an apple, tossing away the stem and the rare seed you may find. It makes for a delicious snack on the go or for your kids' lunches.

If you want to slice your fuyu persimmon, it couldn't be easier. Because there are no seeds, you can slice it much like you would a tomato. Just slice or chop into whatever shape is most convenient for the dish you are making.

How To Use Fuyu Persimmon

Fuyu persimmon is wonderful when eaten raw. It pairs very nicely with fatty foods like cheese and cured meats. Try it on a charcuterie tray with mascarpone or mozzarella cheese and some prosciutto, pecans and pistachios.

We love to add sliced or chopped fuyu persimmon to salads, whether fruit or green. They add a delicious sweetness that is incomparable to any other fruit. They pair wonderfully with cranberries, pomegranates, figs, and bacon.

Fresh fuyu persimmon slices are a wonderful treat on top of yogurt or ice cream. If you love avocado toast, try adding your fuyu persimmon slices with some caviar lime pearls on top for something truly exquisite.

Fuyu persimmons also stand up quite nicely to being cooked. Try adding slices to a frying pan with balsamic vinegar and cinnamon and cooking for 4 minutes on each side. The fruit will carmelize to be added to oatmeal or salads.

The sky truly is the limit with these orange beauties. We are sure you are going to love them and that they will become a new holiday favorite for you and your family.


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