How to Eat Gooseberries

nick musica
Nov 02, 2020 - 1 minute read

Gooseberries are beloved in kitchens of today and cookbooks of old. These deliciously sour little fruits look like cherry tomato-sized watermelons with their distinctive striped pattern. Unripened gooseberries are edible and have the most sour flavor at this stage. Ripe gooseberries have a bit of a pucker, but the flavor is more balanced with hints of melon and sweetness. They have thin, edible skin and contain a smattering of tiny edible seeds inside.

 For some, the best way to eat a gooseberry is immediately after picking. When you’re not snacking on raw gooseberries, they can be eaten in sweet and savory dishes, cooked using countless techniques. Packed with pectin, gooseberries are perfect for jams, jellies and other confections. Their distinct sourness plays well in savory meat and vegetable dishes too. Gooseberries make for delicious drinks that wake you up with their bright flavor. 

At FruitStand, we look forward to sending you a beautiful package of these extraordinary fruits from our small specialty farms partners. Keep reading to learn all about how to eat gooseberries!


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