How to Eat Kiwi

Nick Musica
Mar 15, 2021 - 1 minute read

Kiwifruit is a botanical berry, with soft, sweet green (sometimes golden) fruit. Kiwi’s flavor is often described as a cross between strawberry and mango, with a hint of pineapple. The skin is edible, but doesn’t offer much flavor. Only a slightly fuzzy, thin, papery texture. A cluster of chialike seeds are suspended in the center of the fruit, giving the sweet fruit a faint, nutty crunch.

Kiwi is a popular snacking fruit that you can eat whole, skin and all! Many fruit fans prefer to pare away kiwi’s fuzzy skin, but it’s perfectly safe to eat. Eat them out of hand like apples, or enjoy raw slices over yogurt, oatmeal or granola or tossed into fruit and veggie salads. Kiwi dazzles in fruity tarts, jams, candies, frozen treats, cheese plates and salsas. This is one fruit kids and adults will love to eat!

Preparing kiwifruits is very easy! If you’re hungry, you can eat the entire fruit out of hand, skin and all. Otherwise, some kiwi fans like to peel away the fuzzy skin before eating it. Kiwi can be sliced, juiced, blended and cooked for many raw and cooked applications.

How to prepare your kiwi will depend on the recipe you’re using. Here are the most common ways to prepare kiwi for just about any recipe.


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