How to Eat Kumquat

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Published Apr 27, 2020. Read time: 3 mins

How to Eat Kumquat

When ripe, the kumquat turns from green to entirely orange. The kumquat fruit reaches about 2 inches in length and is orange and entirely edible – skin, seeds, and all. Even though the skin resembles that of an orange, it is much softer. The skin has a gentle sweet flavor that contrasts perfectly with the tart lemony-lime flavor of the fruit inside.

Not only are these little fruits delicious, they are also an incredibly healthy and satisfying snack. Eating 100g of whole kumquats – about 5 – contains 71 calories, carrying 23% of the recommended daily intake of fiber and 73% of your daily dose of vitamin C. You can just take them directly off the tree, give them a quick rinse, and eat them whole.

Keep reading to learn about more uses for this versatile little winter citrus.

How to Slice a Kumquat

Depending on what you're going to be using your kumquat for, there are various ways to slice them. If you simply want to eat the fruit, but aren't a huge fan of the skin, quarter the kumquat and suck the fruit out.

Since the whole fruit is edible, there isn't any one way to slice a kumquat. You can quarter or half them, or even lay the kumquat on its side and make thin slices, skin and all. All of these are perfect additions to green salads, fruit salads, or as a garnish. Let your artistic eye decide the best presentation for your kumquats.

How to Use a Kumquat

Kumquats slices, halves or quarters make for wonderful additions to green salads, fruit salads, and garnishes.

Like many other citrus fruits, kumquats lend themselves well to preserves, jam, jellies, marmalade, and can even be candied.

The juicy kumquat fruit also tastes great with chicken and other meats. Next time you put a piece of chicken or salmon in the oven, try putting some kumquat slices on top. You can add an exquisite blend of sweet and savory to your meal, and the whole thing is edible!

How to Drink Kumquat

Do you love smoothies? Toss whole or halved kumquats in the blender! You can also throw whole, frozen kumquats in a smoothie to cool it down.

If you like vodka or gin, try making this Infused Vodka or Gin to add to your favorite mixed drinks.


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