How To Eat Mountain Apples

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Published Oct 06, 2020. Read time: 1 minute

So you’ve gotten your hands on some mountain apples. Consider yourself very lucky! This hard to find apple variety has a classic apple flavor with a quirky, oblong shape. Hailing from Hawaii, mountain apples taste sweet and floral, with a distinct pear-like essence that’s both surprising and familiar at the same time..

These unusually shaped, deep red apples can be eaten just like any other kind of apple. Like many varieties, mountain apples have a very thin, edible skin with refreshingly crisp flesh beneath. Unlike other apples, when sliced open you’ll find a seed or two in the center, but no core. Without the pesky mass in the center, it’s easier to enjoy more of the entire fruit. 

Mountain Apple

All of your apple knowledge is easily applicable to mountain apples. Slicing, peeling, cooking, juicing and eating them will be easily accomplished using techniques you may already know and use every day, including simply biting into one!

With so many familiar aspects, this rare fruit is an easy fruit to introduce to kids and other not-so-adventurous eaters. Their pearlike juiciness and classic, sweet apple flavor earn mountain apples an invite to anyone’s lunchbox or pie filling.

Here are some of the best ways to enjoy mountain apples in your food and drinks. Your friends at FruitStand recommend gobbling up these apples faster than typical apples because they have a shorter shelf life. Keep reading to learn some of the best ways to eat mountain apples in snacks, meals and drinks!

Don’t let their quirky shape fool you. Mountain apples slice up just like other pomes. Sliced mountain apples make great snacks on their own, in granola or yogurt bowls, salads, or with a generous side of peanut butter.

Here are some of the easiest ways to slice a mountain apple:

  • Slice the mountain apple in half longways. Poke out the few hard seeds and discard them. The mountain apple can be sliced in half again for more shareability.
  • Dice the mountain apple into one-inch chunks to add to your morning yogurt or oatmeal.
  • Thinly slice the mountain apple into rounds to float into drinks, add to peanut butter sandwiches or for cheese plates.

Mountain apples are delicious in cooked dishes. 

  • Sauteed: Dice mountain apples and toss them into a hot skillet to watch them carmelize. Add sauteed mountain apples to pork dishes, as a topper for fresh biscuits or spooned onto hot pancakes.
  • Baking: Mountain apples can be baked into cakes, pies and tarts.
  • Confection: The sweet and mildly floral mountain apple is delicious in jellies, candy making and sweet treats like candy apples.

  • Juicing: Mountain apple seeds should be removed before juicing. Then, simply feed the fruit slices into your juicer for an apple juice with an unexpected pear-flavored twist. Mountain apple pairs well with other produce like pears, pineapple and ginger, as well as greens like cucumber and spinach.
  • Cocktails: Add mountain apples to sangria, appletinis and mulled wine. 

Ripe mountain apples will only last a couple of days on your counter before they start to get soft spots. To extend their shelf life, place mountain apples in the refrigerator for up to one week.

As you can see, there are so many ways to have memorable fruit experiences with these special mountain apples. Join the FruitStand group on Facebook to be the first to know when we’ll have harvests of fresh mountain apples available to be sent directly to your door.

Do you feel like a mountain apple eating expert now? Show us your favorite ways to prepare and eat mountain apples by tagging us in your culinary masterpieces on Instagram @Fruitstandcom!


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