How to Eat Sapodilla

nick musica
Jan 20, 2021 - 1 minute read

You never forget your first sapodilla. These unassuming looking fruits have scoopably soft, malty sweet fruit that’s like eating a slice of nature’s pumpkin pie!

Sapodilla has a flavor profile all its own, making sapodilla a great introduction to all kinds of sapote fruits. This one is exceptionally sweet, with flavors reminiscent of brown sugar, sweet potato and pear. They have pearlike texture too, with a rich molasses taste that’s often described as malty.

Seeds of sapodilla fruit are inedible and can be dangerous if swallowed because of a spikey hook that protrudes from one end of the seed. Unripened sapodillas are inedible too, because the fruit’s powerful astringency gives an uncomfortable, chalky mouthfeel.

When fully ripened, sapodilla can be enjoyed raw or in countless cooked preparations. Stir the fruit into your yogurt, shake into salad dressings or fold it into pastry creams. Cooking sapodilla gives this brown sugary fruit a roasted flavor that tastes delicious in sweet and savory recipes from soups to jams, roasted meats to seafood.

How to prepare your sapodilla will depend on the recipe you’re using. Here are the most common ways to prepare sapodilla for just about any recipe.


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