How To Eat Strawberry Guava

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Published Apr 09, 2020. Read time: 4 mins

How to Eat Strawberry Guava

Strawberry guava (psidium cattleianum), is a tropical fruit that’s sometimes called cherry guava, cattley guava, purple guava, or Chinese guava. This small, red fruit has a sweet aromatic flavor very close to that of a regular guava. You may also notice a hint of strawberry when you first bite as well as flavors similar to passionfruit and lime zest with a bit of acidic tart.

Strawberry guava is a sweet little red fruit that native to southeastern Brazil that ranges from the size of a dime to roughly the size of a golf ball. Inside its thin maroonish-red skin, you will find a soft fruit that’s sweet, pink speckled and yellowish-white with a few hard yellow seeds.

The leaves, fruit and seeds of the strawberry guava are edible! The fruit can be eaten straight from the bush, skin and all. Many people choose to remove the calyx —the small protrusion at the bottom of the fruit. You can swallow the seeds whole or spit them out. This makes strawberry guava an easy lunch box snack or an on-the-go treat.

Ripe strawberry guava is dark red. If the fruit still has light green and red tones, it is not quite ripe yet. Let the whole fruit ripen on the counter at room temperature until it is between maroon and deep red. At that point, it is ripe and you can store it in the refrigerator. Ripe strawberry guava should be consumed within four days.

If you’re wondering about the ways to eat a strawberry guava, keep reading for peak enjoyment.

How To Slice A Strawberry Guava

Strawberry guavas are juicy little buddies that are easy to slice. Inside, the hard seeds can be eaten or separated. Sliced strawberry guava can be used for countless recipe applications like desserts, garnishes, granola bowls, salads, yogurt.

Use a sharp knife to slice strawberry guava in half longways. If you want to get fancy, quarter the guava into wedges.

Using Strawberry Guava

Is there anything a strawberry guava can’t do? Whether in sweet treats, tropical drinks or savory recipes, there are bushels of ways to use ripe strawberry guavas.

Sweets: The high pectin content makes strawberry guava perfect for making jams, jellies and even this strawberry guava fruit leather recipe that kids love! Win over little ones over with strawberry guava summer treats like homemade ice cream, cupcakes, popsicles, and fun beverages.

Snacks: Make a strawberry guava paste to spread on toast or to pair with soft cheeses.

Drinking Strawberry Guava

This juice is gonna be worth the squeeze. Here are some easy ways get the unique flavor and nutrition of strawberry guava in your drinks:

  • Syrup: Strawberry guavas are excellent in a basic syrup that can be used to make delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Add it to your fizzy water, iced tea or your favorite spirit.
  • Brew: Strawberry guava seeds can be roasted to brew and drink as a substitute to coffee.
  • Juicing: Whole or sliced strawberry guava can be juiced, but many like to remove the calyx at the bottom of the fruit first. Wondering how to make juice with strawberry guava? Sweet and tropical flavors like pineapple, strawberry, watermelon, and mango pair very well with strawberry guava in juice recipes.
  • Smoothies: Fresh and frozen strawberry guava is a delicious addition to yogurt based and vegan smoothies. These red guava add a pinkish color and peachy, tropical and tart sweetness.

We hope you feel like a strawberry guava eating expert now! Show us your favorite ways to prepare and eat strawberry guava by tagging us @Fruitstandcom in your culinary masterpieces on Instagram!


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