How to Eat Sudachi

nick musica
Jan 11, 2021 - 1 minute read

Sudachi are a special little citrus fruit with exceptional flavor and versatility. Sudachi have a uniquely aromatic, sharp flavor with herbal undertones. The zest and juice from sudachi has acidic oomph with hints of warm spices like cumin and pepper. This one of a kind combination of flavors make sudachi a fruit experience that we at FruitStand think everyone needs to try!

Like a conventional lemon or lime, they’re not usually eaten on their own. Insteread, sudachi are loved for the flavor of their juice and zest. Fresh sudachi can be used in both savory dishes and desserts, sauces and marinades, sprinkled over popcorn or tossed with hot french fries. Sudachi juice gives a peppery citrus flavor to drinks like cocktails, juices and teas.

It’s easy to tell when sudachi are ripe by their color, fragrance and feel. Sudachi are sometimes thought of as a kind of bitter orange, but they’re never orange in color. These small limes are often used while green, but will turn a deep yellow color if left long enough to ripen. Their fragrance is sharp, citrusy and tart at every stage. When you hold the fruit, it should feel a little heavy for its golf ball size, and the skin should be even and leathery.

How to prepare your Sudachi will depend on the recipe you’re using. Here are the most common ways to prepare Sudachi for just about any recipe.


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