How to Eat White Guava

nick musica
Dec 14, 2020 - 1 minute read

The white guava (psidium guajava) is a white fleshed version of the more popular red and pink varieties. There are over a dozen kinds of white fleshed guava, which look similar to other varieties of the fruit on the outside. About the size of a medium pear, white guavas have thin, edible, yellowish green skin. Inside, the flesh is bright white with a texture that varies between an apple and a ripe pear. The edible seeds are yellowish white, distributed throughout the center of the fruit.

More sour in flavor than the sweeter pink and red fleshed guavas, white guavas give off a bright fragrance when ripe. The white flesh is firm and juicy, with a lime-like sweetness and musky melon flavor.

White guava is a versatile fruit that’s perfect when eaten raw, or added to your favorite food and beverage recipes. It can be pureed into breakfast bowls, or drinks like smoothies, fresh juices,  cocktails and other drinks to add tangy sweetness and fragrant tropical flavor. Because it’s high in pectin, a natural substance that can thicken liquids and even turn them into flavorful gels, guavas are especially prized in candies, confections, desserts and sauces.

It’s easy to spot a ripe white guava! At first, it will be hard to miss its bright, tropical fragrance. The skin will be bumpy and a yellowish green color. The white guava will feel heavy in your hand for its size, and feel soft and yielding to gentle thumb pressure.

How to prepare your white guava will depend on the recipe you’re using. Here are the most common ways to prepare white guava for just about any recipe.


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