How to Eat Yuzu

nick musica
Dec 21, 2020 - 1 minute read

Here at FruitStand, we think fresh yuzu is something every fruit lover needs to experience! Even though yuzu fans will tell you there’s nothing in the world like it (and they’re right), their flavor is often compared to a cross between grapefruit and mandarin orange. That’s because yuzu has a pleasantly bitter and sweet citrus flavor that’s specific to yuzu alone. It’s known to be exceptionally fragrant with zesty and sour citrusy aromas.

Typically used as a flavorful ingredient rather than a raw fruit for snacking, there are many ways to prepare yuzu in snacks, dishes and drinks. They’re edible raw, and from there, yuzu can be dried, frozen, cooked, candied and preserved in countless ways. Yuzu seeds are not edible, but they’re often used in applications like ponzu sauce, vinegars or other infusions to impart citrusy flavor into liquids, proteins and creams.

On the outside, yuzu has golden yellow skin that’s naturally bumpy. Inside, the fruit is a light yellow and glitters with shiny pulp. Between the skin and the fruit is an off white pith. The seeds are tanish white with a layer of fresh green skin.

It’s easy to tell when yuzu is ripe by its color, fragrance and feel. A fully ripened yuzu is round and somewhat squat and ranges in size from that of a lemon to a grapefruit. They are a golden yellow color, and may still have hints of green on its skin. Their potent fragrance is sweet, citrusy and zesty. Finally, when you hold the fruit, it should feel a little heavy for its size and the skin should be naturally bumpy yet taut.

How to prepare your fresh yuzu fruit will depend on the recipe you’re using. Here are the most common ways to prepare them for just about any recipe.


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