Jujube FAQs

nick musica
Nov 30, 2020 - 1 minute read

It’s not the movie theatre candy you may have eaten by the boxful as a kid! Jujubes, pronounced “joo-joobs” when plural and “joo-joob” in the singular form, is fruit experience you won’t want to miss.

Fresh jujubes fruit and skin is edible, with an inedible stone in the center. Unripened, jujubes’ skin is taut and green, and the fruit inside is somewhat chalky without much flavor. As they mature, the skin turns red and the flesh begins to sweeten. Imagine a dry apple, and that gives you a sense of the jujube fruit texture at this stage of ripeness. As jujubes turn maroon on the outside, inside the fruit becomes nougat-like and spongy. This is what jujube fans around the world live for! With their fluffy texture and apple-meets-date flavor, fresh jujubes are a true fruit experience!


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