Oroblanco FAQs

Nick Musica
Jan 27, 2021 - 1 minute read

The oroblanco is a citrus fruit that’s a hybrid between two varieties of pummelo and grapefruit, Citrus grandis Osbeck × C. Paradisi Macf. Also called oro blanco (white gold), the oroblanco grapefruit, sweeties and pomelit, we think this impeccable fruit has been slept on for far too long. If you love citrus yet aren’t usually a fan of grapefruit, oroblanco might just be the perfect fruit experience for you!

On the outside, oroblanco’s zesty citrus peel is a soft lime green color. The green peel changes to an almost pastel yellow in the days after harvesting, but isn’t a good indication of ripeness. After all, oroblanco grapefruits are usually ripe at harvesting. Inside, the lemon yellow sections of fruit rest inside a very thick, marshmallowy soft white pith.

If you’re holding an oroblanco, it’s ripe enough to eat! Don’t be confused by their greenish hue. A green blush remains as the fruit’s color changes into a soft yellow over time. Inside, the fruit will be sweet, soft and ready to eat!

Oroblanco grapefruits are a hybrid fruit native to California. It was created at the University of California in the middle of the 20th century. It grows on hardy trees similar to lemon, lime and grapefruit trees, with shiny leaves and relatively short overall tree height.Today, oroblanco grapefruits are cultivated in the United States in California and Florida, Australia, Israel, and Japan. Oroblanco fruits come into season in the fall and remain available through late winter.


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