Star Apple FAQs

Nick Musica
Feb 15, 2021 - 1 minute read

The first reaction to tasting a star apple is usually “wow!” Imagine a sweet grape crossed with a ripe persimmon. That’s the flavor and texture you can expect from a star apple. The flavor nuances change among varieties like the green-skinned blanco star or the plum-colored Hatian star, but all have a sugary sweet, bright, tropical flavor and delicate, creamy, jellylike texture.

This is no ordinary apple. In fact, it’s not an apple at all! Star apples get their name from the pattern of seeds at the center of their incredibly soft fruit. They’re also known as caimito or cainito, hatian star (purple), blanco star (slightly smaller and green), or aguay. Throughout the world, star apple is referred to as pomme de lait, milk fruit or breast milk fruit because of the creamy latex that weeps throughout the soft flesh.



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