10 Low Carb Fruits

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Published Aug 18, 2020. Read time: 3 mins

Whether you’re exploring keto, or paying more attention to your nutritional intake these days, lots of people wonder, “what fruits are low in carbs?”. Most fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates at some level, so lots of fruit fans might be sad to imagine eating less of it. 

That won’t happen on our watch! There’s a whole nutritional spectrum to consider in produce from potatoes to melons, lettuce to lychees. Plus, fresh, seasonal fruit provides loads of different vitamins and minerals that are essential to a balanced diet.

Before diving into the fruit, it’s worth mentioning that what’s considered “low carb” can be relative to each individual and their dietary needs. Fruit also contains naturally occurring sugar, which can count against their carb count. On the other hand, fruits and veggies can also be a great source of fiber, which is a carb that isn’t absorbed into the body. Rather, it aids in healthy digestion among other things. So when you’re adding up carbs and carbs from sugar, you can subtract the grams of fiber to get the final count. 

FruitStand is here to offer up a few of the hard-to-find fruits that low carb lovers can keep on their plates (at less than 10g of carbohydrates for a satisfying serving)!

Strawberry Guava
Each strawberry guava packs just about one gram of carbohydrates each. So grab a handful of these zesty fruits for a low carb snack.

Passion Fruit
Looking for the perfect topping to your full fat greek yogurt? Passion fruit was made for this. At just 4g of carbohydrates for an entire fruit’s worth of nutritious tropical deliciousness, you might want to keep passion fruit handy in the freezer!

With translucent, lychee like fruit, each longan contains mercifully few carbs. In fact, each little fruit clocks in at just half a carb!

At a scant 2g of carbohydrates per medium-sized loquat, look forward to gobbling these up in the springtime. Apricot-like and tangy, these small stone fruits will taste like you’re cheating.

These grape-sized citrus fruits boast just under 3g of carbohydrates each. Float round kumquat slices over a vodka cocktail, sprinkle them on top of avocado chunks or blend them into your morning shake!

Caviar Limes
Lemons and limes are keto-friendly fruits, but caviar limes really make food and drinks sparkle! These teensy beads of citrus pulp look a lot like tobiko and add bright acidity with a pleasing crunch to anything they touch. Add them to your water, salads, yogurt, fish and poultry liberally!

Starfruits aren’t just packed with bright, tangy flavor. They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals that are important to overall well being, too. And at just 6g of carbohydrates for a medium sized starfruit, you’ll be slicing these for salads, yogurt and fun-shaped snacks. 

Just under 2g of carbs per lychee, these sweet, juicy fruits will take the edge off your sweet tooth. Fresh lychees make for a delicious conversation starter at the lunch table, so pack a few in your bag on the way to work or school. If you’re new to these hard-to-find fruits, read all about them here.

Can one even do keto without avocados? These nutritional powerhouses are one of the few fruits, along with coconuts and olives, to provide a rich source of fat. They pair up with everything from burgers to bacon and eggs, and are often enjoyed with a little salt right out of the peel. 

Gooseberries are tiny, tart fruits that are related to currants. They have a look and flavor all their own however, with bright, yellowish green skin with fun stripes running down the small fruit. Once you consider their fiber content, 100g of these hard to find delicacies will offer just about 6g of carbohydrates.

As you can see, low carb doesn’t need to mean low fruit! If you’re on the lookout for more low carb fruit options, tell us on Instagram at @FruitStandcom. And if you have more fruit tips for the low carb lifestyle, don’t keep ‘em to yourself! Join our FruitStand Facebook Group to share your recipes and tricks with other fruit fans just like you.


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