3 Reasons Why You Should Love Cherimoya

nick musica
Published Nov 16, 2020. Read time: 3 mins

What looks like a dragon egg but tastes like something even more mystical?

There can only be one answer to that riddle, and it’s the magical cherimoya!

The fruit is not only one of the world’s weirdest and rarest, but hands-down one of its tastiest treats. (Even better? It’s easier than ever to get some delivered straight to your door! But more on that later. 

In fact, it’s hard to whittle down just one reason why we should love the cherimoya – so we went with our top three!

3-Mark Twain Can’t Be Wrong

That’s right, we’re bringing out the big guns right up front.

Cherimoya was called none other than “the most delicious fruit known to men” by none other than one of the world’s all-time leading luminaries. And we’re pretty sure Mark Twain was never one to mince words.

But if you’ve ever tried a cherimoya, you’d instantly understand the lofty designation.

The fruit exudes of one of the world’s most deliciously unique flavors, coming in something like a mix of banana and pineapple, with hints of strawberry, pear, papaya and peach: a combination so delectable it regularly robs us mere mortals of the right words of praise. (Thanks for speaking on all our behalves, Mark!)

Plus, all that deliciousness is swaddled inside the most decadent texture.

Cherimoya is naturally so soft and creamy on the inside, it’s sometimes referred to as a custard apple or an ice cream fruit. It’s the perfect pick to blend into a smoothie or simply dig straight into with a spoon.

But cherimoya is anything but all fluff, which brings us to another reason why we love the fruit so much:

2-They’re Nutritious—But Secretly Kinda Dangerous!

Those who might want to romanticize cherimoya’s dreamier features would be well-warned to take heed of the fruit’s seeds.

The hard black pods aren’t just inedible, they’re a little more than mildly toxic, having been used – along with the plant’s leaves and limbs – in all-natural lice-killing formulas in the past.

That caution should also be extended when dealing with the fruit’s also-inedible scaly outside, which not only looks as tough as it is but lends that image to another of the cherimoya’s cool nicknames: the dragon apple.

Happily, cherimoyas’ skins and seeds are easy enough to remove or eat around, and what’s left behind is none other than some good, old-fashioned natural nutrition.

The tropical treats are absolutely loaded with antioxidants, which hold some powerful anti-inflammatory properties and help remove free radicals from our blood. And cherimoyas have no shortage of other nutrients, including kaurenoic acid, carotenoids, flavonoids and vitamin C, which all work to reduce oxidative stress on our cells. (There’s a lot of science behind it, but, believe us, that’s a good thing!)

The fruits have also been linked to better eye health, thanks to the presence of the antioxidant lutein, and high blood pressure prevention, due to their rich deposits of potassium and magnesium.

Cherimoyas have even been associated with mood elevation, thanks to their infusion of vitamin B6, which helps our bodies create the serotonin and dopamine sent throughout our blood stream when our brain decides it’s time for a pick-me-up.

But even that might not be the coolest thing about cherimoya!

1-They Pair Perfectly With A Number of Other Tropical Delights

Believe us – we’re experts!

Cherimoya is great on its own, but even better in good company – like when the tropical treat is paired perfectly with persimmons and passion fruit.

Another of nature’s most misunderstood natural treats, persimmons look like orange tomatoes but taste like anything but. Their warm, earthy flavor pairs perfectly with cinnamon and cloves, and the fruits share a custardy-perfect texture with their cherimoya friends..

Passionfruit, meanwhile, adds the bright, citrus-sweet bite to the mix – and thanks to their very much edible (and very much delicious) seeds, the fruit also brings a much-needed crunch to the formula.

But if you don’t believe us, ask Rick: He’s been growing all three of the lovely fruits on his one-of-a-kind farm and market for years.

Nestled in California’s fertile Central Valley, Rick’s family-run operation prides itself on keeping things local, working within a closed-loop community farming system and practicing the tenets of sustainable agriculture – which makes these treats taste even sweeter.

It’s one reason why it just made sense to put them all together, in a box we like to call Rick’s Tropical Cherimoya Experience. And with all three of these fruits also ripening beautifully in the early winter months, it makes for the perfect time to indulge in some of Mother Nature’s favorite desserts.

But no matter which reason you pick to love the fruit, one thing’s for sure: We all need some cheri-more-a of this tropical treat in our life!


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