All About Frederick Purple Passion Fruit

Nick Musica
Published Nov 15, 2021. Read time: 3 mins

Frederick may sound like one of the most pedestrian names out there, but believe us, when you add a little passion to the mix, you can’t get any better. 

The Frederick Purple Passion Fruit isn’t just one of the most specifically-named pieces of produce on at the farmer’s market, it’s one of the most lovely and worthwhile pieces of produce to add to your weekly shopping list. 

What Is Frederick Purple Passion Fruit

If you’re lucky enough to be living in a warm-weather zone, you’re probably familiar with the passion fruit flower, even if you don’t realize it.

The bud is exquisitely specific, sporting an array of stringy ombre curls that start at a deep plum hue and eventually migrate out to a stark white.

At the center of this sumptuous bloom is a large display of neon yellow stamen, but as time goes on, those reproductive extensions turn into the very fruit the flower is named after. And there’s no wonder why the produce in question is named after the most amorous emotion.

Passion fruit typically resembles a pear, or perhaps a more oblong apple. On the outside, the fruit is typically decorated with an array of colors, from yellow to blue, but the Frederick specifically lays claim to the spectacular purple hue the fruit can take on. 

Yet, while the outside of the fruit may be a clean and colorful aesthetic experience, inside it’s a bit more messy. The Frederic Purple passion fruit, in particular, appears particularly chaotic once cut open, resembling a mess of gelatinous yellow blobs spiked with stark black seeds. But on further inspection, the fruits actually reveal a taste that’s far more sophisticated than its look.

What Does Frederick Purple Passion Fruit Taste Like 

Passion fruit in general – and the Frederick specifically – are noted for their lovely flavor profile. And while passion fruits are typically a warm-weather bunch, the Frederick expands the boundaries of what is possible, fully embracing some of the coldest temperatures that any fruit—let along passion fruit—can tolerate before blossoming into something truly delicious.

And when we say delicious—we really mean it.

Passion fruits in general are a uniquely tasty experiment of Mother Nature. But the Frederick Purple Passion Fruit in particular stands above the rest.

The cultivar is noted for its heady mix of sweet and tart, which leaves an instantly unforgettable taste in the mouth. Specifically, the varietal has been compared to a mash-up of everything from strawberries to guava and even pineapple. And the varietal has been noted, too, for its lovely texture.

The flesh of the Frederick is firm but juicy, and exceptionally flavorful. But the supple insides aren’t the only flavor creator in the bunch. Frederick purple passion fruits are also studded with a number of black, crunchy seeds, which are entirely edible.

In fact, devouring the seeds is, in many circles, considered a treat in and of itself, as the plant parts add their own brand of tanginess and crunchiness to the mix. (Passion fruit seeds can also be enjoyed on their own, especially when they’re roasted like pumpkin seeds.)

But “fruit salad extra” with bonus seeds isn’t the only role the Frederick Purple passion fruit can play. 

How to Eat Frederick Purple Passion Fruit 

Arguably, the most difficult part about eating passion fruits is cutting into them. Especially where the Frederick is concerned, the fruit simply is, in many cases, considered just too pretty to eat.

But those willing to defile the flower are rewarded with something even more beautiful.

The taste of the passion fruit—and particularly, the Frederick Purple Passion Fruit—is not to be dismissed. And getting to that sweet result is refreshingly easy.

To properly pillage a Frederick Purple passion fruit, all you have to do is cut into a ripe example of the fruit. The rest essentially works for itself, with a ripe Frederick in particular yielding a flesh that’s especially firm, tart, bright, and juicy.

Yet, adventurous foodies have been fiddling with the recipe for some time. Today, passion fruits of all varieties are used for everything from smoothie fillings to salad accoutrement.

No matter how you slice it, though, cutting into a Frederick Purple passion fruit will leave you feeling more than just a little excited to pursue the possibilities of this fervent fruit.


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