Nine Fruits You Can Eat On Keto

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Published Aug 18, 2020. Read time: 3 mins

High fat, high protein, very low carbs. That’s one simplistic description of the ketogenic diet, or “keto”. Generally speaking, keto is a way of eating that keeps daily carbohydrate intake very low. Some people choose this regimen for health and wellness reasons. And since we’re weird fruit fans and not nutrition experts, your FruitStand fam would like to remind you to talk with your doc about changes you’re thinking about making to your diet.

Because our bodies prefer to use carbohydrates as its primary energy source, limiting them in one’s diet can cause the body to use fat instead. This is a change in metabolism called ketosis, hence the name of this popular diet topic. To kick one’s metabolism into ketosis, the macronutrients of food are measured instead of caloric intake alone. Those macronutrients include carbohydrates, protein and fat. 

Carbohydrates are calculated by adding up carbohydrate grams, including those from sugar, and then subtracting the total grams of dietary protein. The amount of carbohydrates one consumes while on keto varies by individual, but ranges from just about 30-50g of carbs per day. 

There are tons of fruits and veggies to enjoy while on keto, but those carbs can add up quickly. We know you’re just as much of a fruit geek as we are, so we’ve made a list of nine familiar and specialty fruits that you can enjoy almost by the bushel while on keto!

Passion Fruit
Looking for the perfect topping to your full fat greek yogurt? Passion fruit was made for this. At just 4g of carbohydrates for an entire fruit’s worth of nutritious tropical deliciousness, you might want to keep passion fruit handy in the freezer!

Deeply colorful, naturally sweet berries are loaded with nutrition and low in carbohydrates. A medium to large strawberry is about a carb a piece. Blueberries and raspberries have about 4g of carbs per ounce, and blackberries just 3g. Enjoy them alongside your almonds and pumpkin seeds for a filling snack. 

Coconut has a special place in the keto dietary regimen because of its uniquely tropical, nutty flavor and high fat content. It’s especially helpful for those who prefer to eliminate or limit the amount of dairy they consume, as it adds body and creaminess to all kinds of foods, including desserts. Raw, dried and unsweetened coconut is preferred on the keto diet. Two ounces of fresh coconut has about 4g of carbohydrates, which are nearly eliminated by its fiber content. 

At a scant 2g of carbohydrates per medium-sized loquat, look forward to gobbling up loquats all spring long! Never had a loquat? 

Can one even do keto without avocados? These nutritional powerhouses are one of the few fruits, along with coconuts and olives, to provide a rich source of fat. They pair up with everything from burgers to bacon and eggs, and are often enjoyed with a little salt right out of the peel. For added avo oomph, enjoy with #9 on our list.

Starfruits aren’t just packed with bright, tangy flavor. They’re loaded with vitamins and minerals that are important to overall well being, too. And at just 6g of carbohydrates for a medium sized starfruit, you’ll be slicing these for salads, yogurt and fun-shaped snacks. 

Another gloriously fatty fruit, olives are a great savory treat for keto fans. That’s right, olives are fruit! These stone fruits can be enjoyed in any of their varieties as a good source of fat and a little extra salt when you want it. Offering barely 1g of carbs each, this will be your go-to snack that satisfies.

Just under 2g of carbs per lychee, these sweet, juicy fruits will take the edge off your sweet tooth. Fresh lychees make for a delicious conversation starter at the lunch table, so pack a few in your bag on the way to work or school. 

Caviar Limes
Lemons and limes are keto-friendly fruits, but caviar limes make food and drinks really sparkle! These teensy beads of citrus pulp look a lot like tobiko and add bright acidity with a pleasing crunch to anything they touch. Add them to your water, salads, yogurt, fish and poultry liberally!

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways to eat fruit on the ketogenic diet. Enjoy these fruits on their own as a snack, folded into some whipped coconut cream, or in some stevia-sweetened gelatin desserts!

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