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Arizona Cactus Ranch

Meet the Arizona Cactus Ranch owned and operated by Natalie since 1991. This prickly pear ranch is unlike any other and has been around for generations in Natalie's family. Situated on a century-old (and working) cattle ranch in the southern Arizona desert, where Natalie hand-picks and produces natural prickly pear products every August and September when the fruit buds from the wild cactus. Natalie never cooks, soaks, dilutes or adds sugar to her chemical-free, right-off-the-cactus prickly pears. Considered a “super fruit,” the prickly pear is loaded with electrolytes, nutrients, minerals and vitamins. While the benefits of drinking the prickly pear nectar abound, it’s delicious too! No need for the sugar to help it go down!

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