Bautista Family Organic Date Ranch
Mecca, California
Enrique and Graciela are the first generation of farmers of the Bautista Family Organic Date Ranch. 

Enrique had been the acting foreman, farming for 15 years before he suffered a difficult accident putting him in a wheelchair. His daughter shares that he “always looks at everything in a positive way.” He went back to being the foreman, modifying both the farm and his chair to continue work.

Today, Graciela and Enrique are passing on their legacy to their children and their mates. Three generations of farmers and family members run the business of their Organic Date Ranch. It is truly a family affair, where everyone has a role to play. 

The Organic Date Ranch is across the street from the family home, sitting on 14-acres of land in Mecca, California. The arid, desert climate and mineral-rich soil produce abundant dates in late summer to fall. Though the Bautistas were officially awarded organic certification in 2002, the ranch has been farmed utilizing organic practices for the last 100 years!  The Bautistas are committed to growing the highest quality product, specializing in over 400 date and palm varieties. 

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