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Garlic Gods

We are a husband and wife team, Geoffrey and Jana Yockey, and we grow our gourmet garlic on our family's original homestead. Geoffrey is a trained chef, who's focus was fine dinning for over 20 years. When we had the chance to move back to the farm we wanted to find a niche crop that would provide an outstanding product to our customers, allow us to be creative with food, and support our family on a small acreage.

The Story Of The Gods

We are a century farm. Jana's great-great grandparents homestead this high desert, sand and sagebrush farm in 1908. The early settlers had big dreams of clearing the ground and creating an irrigation channel by digging irrigation canals from the Snake River. The ingenuity of those pioneers turned the sand, and found it contained rich volcanic soil, and then this once arid land turned into 'The Magic Valley'. More than half of all of Idaho's crop production comes out of this area. 

Today we still farm the same land, but because of the large yeild and production, in addition to the increasing average age of farmers, more and more small farms have been sold to corporate farm organizations. We have held onto our farm, sometimes with outside jobs, but we believe in real food. We use sustainable practices, we still hand weed our garlic, and plan years in advance by using cover crops to add nutrients to the soil. Garlic Gods grows certified garlic. It is inspected annually to verify that it meets strict restrictions set forth via Idaho's *Allium Quarantine which has been in place since the 1980's. Inspections ensure all alliums are free of disease and white rot. *The allium family includes: onions, garlic, leeks, chives, shallots, and scallions.

Meet The Gods

Geoffrey Yockey
Owner / Farmer

Jana Yockey
Owner / Farmer

Finding The Farm

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The Garlic Gods are located in beautiful Heyburn,ID.  You can find them online at Instagram or Facebook.