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Holiday Gifts From The Farm

We are thankful for the farmers harvesting incredible experiences, sent from the farm to our tables to bring us closer together. We are thankful for the awe-inspiring bounty of Mother Nature, helping us discover delight. And we are thankful for you, our community, for being part of a movement that is reimagining the future of food and our planet.

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Organic Apple & Fat Toad Caramel Holiday Experience

What happens when you hand stir all-natural cajeta caramel for five hours with cinnamon in a huge copper kettle?  MAGIC is what happens!  Now imagine slicing into a gorgeous fresh-off-the-tree organic apple from Washington State, and slowly twirling it into this gooey goodness?  You can taste it can't you?

Spend this Holiday dipping into warm toasted caramel with those you love, courtesy of Olympic Fruit Co. and Fat Toad Farms.

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Rick's Tropical Cherimoya Experience

It’s the long-awaited Cherimoya season! Cherimoya is a tropical fruit that earned the moniker, “dragon apple” for their custardy apple filling and dragon-like scales. It tastes like nature’s creamy, tropical pudding with flavors of banana, papaya, pineapple, and coconut!

For this Holiday season, Rick is pairing these heart-shaped wonders with his limited Fuyu Persimmon harvest, as well as his Passion Fruit spread that is tangy, crunchy (edible seeds), and packed with sour-sweetness. Together, they are the perfect tropical medley, destined to spread holiday cheer! 

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Spicy Margarita & Guacamole Experience

A winter getaway in a box!  Apeel Avocados and Limes are a match made in heaven for Chef Gida’s Roselle Hibiscus Lime Syrup, sourced from local farmers in Kaua'i, and Smoked Chili Kona Sea Salt made with peppers from the Hatch Valley, New Mexico.

Whether you will be enjoying this box yourself or sending it to a loved one, the Spicy Margarita & Guacamole Experience is a crowd-pleaser!  Hint: Make your guacamole before your Margaritas and be ready to kick back for a much-needed vacay the second you salt your glass!

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Santa Barbara Caviar Lime Cocktail Kit

On the beautiful southern California coast, nestled in the foothills just outside Santa Barbara, Good Land Organics grows Caviar Limes—a rare citrus delicacy that brings a smile to the face of anyone who experiences them.  

Down the road, owner of Sideyard Shrubs, Sarah Bourke, makes homemade "shrubs" from hand-harvested, imperfect tropical fruits that are locally sourced from neighboring organic farms and the "sideyards" of her friends and family. Shrubs are all the rage, taking ordinary cocktails, salads, marinades, and salsas to a new level.

The Santa Barbara Caviar Lime Cocktail Kit brings these neighbors together, marrying Caviar Limes with Sarah's tangy Passion Fruit Shrub. Send someone you love a Santa Barbara Sunset home for the holidays!

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