Iron Ox
South Hamilton, MA
Iron Ox Farm has grown over the course of nearly a decade of farming on short-term leases across the north shore of Boston, but as of 2021, they’ve found their forever home in South Hamilton on a 99-year farm lease!

Alex Cecchinelli and Stacey Apple are both first generation farmers. Before farming, Stacey was a chef for 7 years, a profession that taught her the importance of strong connections between farms and food. Now, Stacey grows special varieties of peppers, carrots, and beets and delivers them straight to the kitchens she once cooked in. After years of working on small farms in the area, Alex brings planting and harvesting experience, but is also a skilled mechanic and electrician (which comes in handy when your tractor is as old as you are!)

Together, Alex and Stacey see farming as an act of community building. They take pride in growing food for their CSA members, farmers market patrons, and local restaurants, as well as their young son Sebastian. Iron Ox strives to grow the most perfect, most delicious organic produce possible with a focus on the health of the soil and their community!

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