Mud Creek Ranch
Santa Paula, CA

Tucked away in Santa Paula, CA is Mud Creek Ranch, owned by Steven and Robin Smith. The  Smiths’ both came from farming families that can be traced back for generations. In 1985, they bought their own farm, knowing they were signing up for a “fixer-upper.” Over the years, they realized they signed up for so much more with their beloved Mud Creek Ranch! 

They’ve been selling oranges, avocados and lemons at the local farmers’ markets in Ventura and Santa Barbara for nearly 30 years. Now they have over 470 varieties of citrus grown on their farm and they are known for having one of the largest selections of tangerines throughout Southern California. Crop diversity is particularly important to sustainable agriculture and Steve and Robin have one of the most diverse ecosystems in the region. 

With their three young children at home, Steve and Robin wanted to grow the healthiest food to feed their family. They built on their family’s traditional farm legacy, and made the official shift from conventional to organic farming practices. They care for their soil’s health, having practiced organic farming now since the 90’s. 30 years later, their kids sell their produce right alongside them at the market.

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