About The Farms

Rancho Santa Cecilia

Carpinteria, CA
Rancho Santa Cecilia specializes in growing only the best varieties of avocados, several varieties of sweet tangerines, limes, lemons, and various other citruses. We pride ourselves on growing quality exotic fruits and flowers in Southern California. 

Rancho Santa Cecilia established in 1999. Family owned and run. We are dedicated to providing the best quality produce throughout southern California.

Rancho Santa Cecilia Farms is a diverse citrus and tropical fruit farm overlooking the majestic Carpinteria Foothills. Practicing sustainable farming methods, Rancho Santa Cecilia Farms is a family operation, lovingly run by Mary and Cecilio Marquez. When you drive the long road up to the farm toward the peak of Rancho Santa Cecilia protea flowers and cherimoya trees frame your view. This time of year the cherimoya trees are loaded with fruit. 

Finding The Farm

Info and Directions

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Rancho Saint Cecilia is located in
Carpinteria, CA but is not open for public tours at this time.