About The Farms

Rising Sun Organics

Kilauea, HI
Rising Sun Organic Farms is a 22-acre organic fruit and veggie farm on the northeast side of Kauai created with the goal of providing the community with clean, healthy organic produce as well as teaching sustainable methods of farming practices to leave the soil better for future generations. Established in 2014, they have over 3,000 fruit trees including mango, avocado, lychee, soursop, coconut, banana as well as a two-acre market garden, plots of watermelons, squash, and white sugarloaf pineapples. Rising Sun Organic Farms implements permaculture, biodynamic, and Korean Natural Farming methods as we strive to create an environment for happy, healthy plants packed with nutrients, full of flavor and love. 

Finding The Farm

Info and Directions

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Rising Sun Organics is located in beautiful Lihue, HI.  You can find them online at Instagram or Facebook.