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Rising Tide Sea Vegetables

Rising Tide Sea Vegetables has been one of the only wildcraft harvesters on the Pacific Coast since 1981! They make some of the world’s highest quality sea vegetables and they do it with the utmost respect for the planet. Larry and his crew pile into a pick-up truck before dawn to return to the pristine seaweed beds he’s already scouted. In order to not deplete the beds, he and his team only forage portions of the sea plant to ensure its continued growth. They load up their kayaks with the ocean’s bounty (sometimes up to 700 lbs. of seaweed!) and head back to their drying yard for sun drying. Larry is committed to giving the ancient food it’s rightful renown—being fit for the Gods. Enjoy his variety of seaweeds in a number of ways: raw, in broth or as a delicious snack! Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to eat them.

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