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Roots Organic

Santa Ynez, CA
Roots Organic Farm is a certified organic diversified vegetable farm in Santa Ynez, California, owned and managed by Jacob Grant. Jacob practices regenerative and organic agriculture;  maximizing plant diversity, minimizing inputs and maintaining high soil fertility through conscientious tillage. The result is healthy land and an abundance of beautiful produce.

Meet Jacob Grant from Roots

I’m Jacob Grant. I have been farming organically for the past 19 years and have evolved into a more regenerative method that embraces maximum diversity in order to minimize inputs while maintaining high fertility through conscientious tillage and an abundance of plants that grow and remain on the farm.

Finding the path...

I want to share my feelings and my intentions. First I fully intend to keep food flowing. To pick ...and plant and tend and learn how to be better... but this flow feels best let to remain fluid. It will be different than it was. But I've wanted us to be different too. Gratitude is medicinal. Giving feels good. Helping those in need helps us. Scarcity breeds appreciation. Make soup or broth with your scraps, or feed them to your animals. Be creative and conserve what you have. But eat well, actually eat BETTER, take the best care of yourself you know how. ....and know that there is a dynamic effort happening to distribute food, to maintain what is essential.

I also want to share my feeling about the economic situation.

To me the underlying principle is reciprocity. Sustainability truly only depends on reciprocity. If we give appropriately when we take, we can keep taking. So give something. Give money if you can, give extra if you can. Donate to others. If it's hard to give money, give what you can, what you have extra of. And find where your gift is needed.

Reciprocity is how we fit in to a relationship that works.

Blessed moisture from the sky this evening. I'm never disappointed by rain in the hills. Every drop is worthy.

Finding The Farm

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