An experience that starts with the seed

The 898 Squash Medley

An experience that starts with the seed.


898 Squash Medley

The Squash Medley includes the foodie coveted, 898 Squash and the Robin’s Koginut Squash. The 898 is a personal size butternut that’s as adorable as it is delicious, and Robin’s Koginut Squash is a sweet little pumpkin. These two beauties are grown by the innovative fellows at the Nuss Farms!

The Enjoyment

How do you eat the 898 Squash Medley?

Cut in half

Drizzle with oil


How to Store

How To Store Your Squash

  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Place in a cool and dry, dark pantry, cupboard or cellar.
  • Lasts about 1 month depending on storage conditions.

Naturally bred for the chef’s table.

Origin of the Seed

What makes these squash extra special is that their seed was naturally bred for a famous chef. Seven years ago, well-known chef, Dan Barber approached natural seed breeder, Michael Mazourek with the ask for a better squash. To our knowledge he did not tell Michael to make them adorable, but that’s what happened (thanks Michael!). Along with the farms that grow their seeds, Row 7 seed company is imagining a new future of food that starts with the seed in order to create a more delicious and nutritious meal.

Meet the Farm

The Nuss Farms

Having farmed the same ranch for the last 50 years, Dave Nuss is a legacy farmer passing on the generations-old tradition to his sons. Most notable about Dave Nuss—he’s unequivocally open to the future of farming. Tim, Tyler and Derek are at the helm of the 5th generation of the family farm, bringing innovation to their father’s foundation.

Most of their contemporaries in size and legacy aren’t even considering the regenerative agricultural practices these farmers are implementing at scale. Pioneering in the sustainability space, the Nuss Family is fast becoming a thought leader for the industry. You can hear brothers, Tyler and Tim, speak about the changing industry and the multitude of benefits from regenerative agriculture on their podcast, The Modern Acre.


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