About FruitStand

We are not a fruit stand.

We're a culinary adventure.

When you think of a fruit stand, you probably think about oranges, apples, or bananas. If you want those, head to a grocery store or hit your local fruit stand.

We’re into the exceptional.

Have you ever squeezed a lime that looks like a tiny pickle? Or tasted a fantastic fruit that’s as delicious as it is ugly? Do you know what to do with a Longan, or Mangosteen, or Cherimoya? Of course not. But we do.

At FruitStand, we offer new, exotic and even a little bit odd harvests of specialty produce harvest by harvest, fruit by fruit. We match these seasonal, limited harvests to amazing recipes from insane foodies that help you feel like a celebrity chef. And when friends and family wonder where the kitchen magic came from, you can share stories we include in every box from the small family farms that partner with FruitStand.

FruitStand isn’t just a web portal to fruitful goodness, it’s also meant to be an immersive experience where you can step out of the norm to discover something new, one special fruit and farm at a time.

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