Apeel Organic Apple Experience


Apeel Organic Apples

The Organic Apple Experience is like visiting the farm and picking your favorite Washington Apples fresh off the tree yourself! What also makes these apples so special is the community behind them. Olympic Fruit Co. was founded by just four legacy family farms. They now serve over 50+ small farms in the Yakima Valley. By bringing farmers together to build community they are finding more sustainable ways to run their family businesses. Olympic will be packing limited runs of Galas, Honeycrisps, Fujis and Granny Smiths just for our FruitStand foodies. Each week will be a different harvest surprise!


The Enjoyment

Ways to Eat Organic Apples

Eat them fresh

Bake into your favorite seasonal desserts

Cook into applesauce

How to Store

Storing your Washington Apples

Decide how you like them! For a cooling snack, store in the crisper drawer in your refrigerator. If you are planning on eating your apples in 2-3 days, keep them out of direct sunlight in a cool, dark place to help them stay crisp before eating.

Picked Fresh from the Farm

Organic Washington Apples

Leave it to the apple experts who are able to determine peak ripeness, flavor and crunch! Did you know apples sometimes sit up to 30 days before you grab one in the produce section? Not Olympic’s apples! These apples are picked fresh at peak ripeness!

Meet the Farm

Olympic Fruit Co.

Olympic Fruit Co. makes business easier for family-run farms. They represent generations of farmers who shifted to apple growing from hops, in the mid-60’s. Apples have been their saving grace in tough times. They came together to form a packhouse that would be grower-centric. Farmers in the region were having difficulty getting their product out into the market at a fee that could make sense for their business. The collective is pretty revolutionary—founded by four legacy farms of the Yakima Valley, they now serve over 50+ growers. The growers are all dedicated to reimagining the future of food, looking to the diversification of crops and soil regeneration—two important tenets of regenerative agriculture.


About Apeel

Apeel works with nature to reduce food waste and create abundance for all. Currently, over 40% of all food grown goes to waste. This is because of a number of reasons, with spoilage being one of the largest factors. Apeel’s solution is elegant and simple - they use a plant-derived solution to create an extra little “peel” for fruits and vegetables. This layer locks in moisture and keeps out oxygen, the two primary causes of spoilage. As a result, you not only get fresh and nutritious produce, but it lasts twice as long.


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