California Specialty Citrus Experience

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California Specialty Citrus Experience

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Feb 12th - 16th

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California Specialty Citrus

Winter is a citrus wonderland in the sunny state of California where residents have access to a world of citrus that can be incredibly hard-to-find throughout the rest of the United States. K & K Ranch is excited to bring the FruitStand community a bright winter medley of their citrus. From Cara Cara Oranges to Oro Blanco Grapefruit to Eureka Lemons—this experience checks all the citrusy boxes!


The Enjoyment

How do you eat it?

Squeeze for fresh juice.

Use for sauces, marinades and dressing.

Bake into a sweet treat.

The Storage

How To Store Your California Citrus

Your citrus can be stored on the counter at room temperature for up to a few days, however this method speeds up the ripening. With citrus this special, we recommend storing them in the refrigerator to keep them fresher, for longer.

It is not recommended to freeze whole citrus fruits. However you can:

  • Lay sections of fruit on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Once frozen, store the sections in a freezer-safe, airtight container.
  • Put the peels in a resealable bag and freeze.
  • Freeze the juice or zest in ice cube trays.

Winter Citrus

Story Behind the Harvest

The Cara Cara Orange looks like a typical orange on the outside but is filled with grapefruit-like pinkish-red pulp on the inside. This unique fruit was born in the 1980’s from the natural cross-pollination of a Washington Navel Orange and a Brazilian Bahia Navel Orange. This electric combination created one of the sweetest citrus fruits known to man.

The K & K family prides themselves on picking their fruit at the absolute peak of harvest, rather than racing to market with underripe fruit. In fact, the Oro Blanco Grapefruit is so popular at the California Farmers’ Markets that neighboring farms race to be the first to the market with their harvests. But K & K Ranch harvests the Oro Blanco and all their citrus at just the right time. The result is divine, juicy and zesty citrus, and they are putting together the ultimate mix of their favorite winter citrus fruits just for you.

Meet the Farm

K & K Ranch

K & K Ranch is based in California’s fertile Central Valley, in the county of Tulare. The 40-year dream of Stanford and June Kashima stands the test of time. The family’s crest serves as the K&K logo to memorialize their legacy. Now in the hands of the fourth generation, K&K Ranch still brings you the best fruits of their labor. They sell nuts and preserves, as well as dried and fresh fruits, at farmers markets in their area. The family is committed to the generational longevity of their farm business and believe in keeping small California farms alive for generations to come.

The Recipes

So many ways to enjoy

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