Caviar Limes



Caviar Limes, a native fruit of Australia, have a slightly sour, slightly sweet flavor that makes for an extremely versatile citrus fruit. Often referred to as “vegan caviar” or “Finger Limes,” each lime is filled with citrus pearls that burst with tangy lime flavor (and do look a bit like fish roe) . These juicy pearls add a pop of citrus fun and surprise that never ceases to delight.


The Enjoyment

How do you eat Caviar Limes?

Cut Them

Squeeze Them

Eat Them

How to Store

How to keep your limes fresh

Remove from packaging. Place in moisture-retaining container or bag (not airtight) and keep at room temperature. Typical shelf life is 7-10 days, but with Apeel these caviar limes last up to 3 times longer.

Citrus Redefined

Rare, Exotic & Wonderful

Look up “caviar” in Webster’s (seriously, do it) and you will see that it means “something considered the best of its kind.” These are not just limes, they are an amazing burst of tart and sweet that elevates every drink and dish.

Meet the Farm

Good Land Organics

Good Land Organics is an exotic fruit and coffee farm overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the foothills of Santa Barbara, California. This certified organic farm employs a layered agriculture system that utilizes crop diversity and maximizes the potential of its hilly terrain. It’s one of the many ways they practice sustainable growing and resilient agriculture.


Fresher, Longer

Were there caviar limes before Apeel? Yes, and Good Land has been growing them for years. But before Apeel these delicate limes would only last about a week, making shipping them long distances nearly impossible. Thanks to Apeel, Good Land can now ship longer-lasting, organic caviar limes directly to you.

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Did you know

Caviar Limes

Caviar limes have an unmistakable texture that pops with a satisfying crunchiness. Like all adorable things in this world, caviar limes have a lot of nicknames. You may have seen them called Australian finger limes, cowboy caviar, vegan caviar, cresco caviar lime or lancer caviar.


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