Farm Customer Support Pledge

The Farm Customer Support pledge serves as the understood communications agreement between FruitStand Customer Support and you, the farm. The goal of this agreement is to clearly state the communication protocols and expectations between your farm and FruitStand in order to ensure excellent customer service to FruitStand customers.

FruitStand Customer Support will handle all incoming and outgoing communications between FruitStand customers. The farm is not responsible for reaching out to customers directly, and we ask that you leave all direct to customer communication to us. 

In order to best serve FruitStand customers, a fast turnaround on communication between your farm and FruitStand Customer Support is necessary. We ask that your farm make every effort to communicate as quickly and efficiently with FruitStand Customer Support as is possible.

FruitStand Customer Support will notify your designated farm contact about issues regarding:

  • Replacement orders¬†
  • Any product issues relevant to your farm or requiring action by your farm

Your farm will notify the designated FruitStand Customer Support contacts in regards to:

  • Returned to sender boxes
  • Address issues or need for address verification
  • Any issues or events that require communication with customers¬†


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