Understanding Harvest Windows

The period of time when the fruit is harvested by the farm is called the "harvest window"
One farmer sharing produce they've grown with a consumer

FruitStand.com is a bridge between you, the consumer, and the farms, the growers.  FruitStand itself grows nothing, buys nothing, ships nothing.  We merely provide a platform for farmers to showcase what they grow and connect directly with interested parties.

Everything you get on FruitStand is offered by the farms when the fruit and vegetables they are selling are ready to be enjoyed.  We call this the "harvest."  This is the period of time where the fruit is picked directly off the vine or tree, carefully cleaned and prepared, and shipped from the farm to your door for enjoyment.

These harvests only last for a certain amount of time, often weeks and sometimes a few months.  This is the only time our small-scale farmers will ship product to consumers they met on FruitStand - during this "harvest window." 

Any other time and you would be getting fruit harvested a long time ago and possibly frozen or in storage, a situation that, on FruitStand, we don't allow. 

We encourage you to take the time to learn more about where your food comes from, wherever you may buy it, and the truth behind how long your fruit may be sitting on grocery store shelves.


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