Heritage Garlic Experience


Heritage Garlic

For this experience, the Garlic Gods selected four varieties of heirloom garlic for a mixed heritage box ranging from robust, rich, hot and spicy, and mildly sweet flavor that will give you the perfect assortment for every dish. Garlic may seem like one size fits all, but with these garlics you will explore a whole spectrum of flavors and discover how each can elevate your favorite dishes in unique ways. Ready for a heavenly adventure? Taste what the Gods have to offer!

The Enjoyment

How do you eat Heritage Garlic?

Peel the skin from each clove of garlic.

Cut off the hard clove end.

Carefully mince your garlic.

Add to your oiled pan and allow to brown slightly as the base for your additional ingredients.

How to Store

Stock up for the whole winter! Your garlic will store through early 2021.

  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Do not store in refrigerator - it will start to sprout
  • Allow garlic to breathe (do not place in airtight container or plastic)
    For long-term storage, place in a cool and dry, dark pantry, cupboard or cellar
  • The spice of your garlic will intensify with maturity.

Meet the Farm

Garlic Gods

Jana and Geoffrey are a husband and wife team growing limited runs of gourmet garlic, inspired by Geoffrey’s 20 years in fine dining. Their farm, The Garlic Gods, is on the same land their great grandparents homesteaded in Idaho back in 1908. A lot has changed in farming over the years, but their business is committed to remaining small with basic farming equipment and no harsh chemicals. They pride themselves in cultivating with their hands, just like their family did. They weed and farm the old fashioned way—one hand in the dirt and one hand on a hoe.


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