Organic California Fruit Experience


Organic California Tropical Fruits

Be transported on a tropical vacation with the Organic California Fruit Experience! We have the perfect medley of our fan favorites of Caviar Limes, Longans and a mystery of Dragon Fruit, Persimmon, Makrut Lime, Pomegranate, Pineapple Guava (feijoa), or Passion Fruit. The Good Land Organics farm is picking limited-run harvests of these delicacies as they ripen in the foothills of the Santa Ynez mountains.


The Enjoyment

How do you eat them?

Make a fall salad!

Enjoy as a snack!

Blend into a smoothie!


Hard to Find Fruits

Part experiment, part organic farm, Jay and Kristen Ruskey have spent years exploring ways to use sustainable agriculture to grow specialty, tropical fruits, never before grown in the US! It's that attitude we’re looking for in farms to bring directly to our community. We're honored to be working with the amazing farmers at Good Land Organics and proud to be able to offer this limited time, limited quantity experience of tropical magic, grown right here in the USA.

Meet the Farm

Good Land Organics

Good Land Organics is a family-operated farm located in Goleta, California and nestled between the Santa Ynez mountain chain and the Pacific Coast. Dubbed "The Good Land" for its fertile soil and comfortable Mediterranean climate, they grow rare and exotic, certified organic fruit using regenerative agricultural practices. With a passion for sustainable agriculture, this family intends to preserve the ‘Good Land,’ for generations to come.


Organic California Fruits

Eager to learn more about Nature’s Showstopper (aka Dragon Fruit) or the tiny gherkin-like limes that claim to be the vegan caviar of the citrus world? Explore our Fruit Library to discover everything you need to now about fruitopia!


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