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Fresh Organic Turmeric

We recommend enjoying your Organic Turmeric fresh, as this is what really sets it apart from the dry spice or store-bought turmeric that may have been stored for many days/weeks before reaching your grocery store shelves. Your turmeric will arrive ripe and ready to consume.

Turmeric will stain your hands and clothes so we recommend wearing an apron and/or gloves while handling the root. Depending on preference, you can peel the thin layer of skin with a paring knife or vegetable peeler. Grate, chop or slice your turmeric as needed for your recipe. Curry is a sauce, originating from India, that utilizes turmeric combined with other spices and herbs. Curry sauce is used in a variety of dishes, varying based on regional, cultural tradition.

Cooking with fresh turmeric can add mild spice to savory dishes like rice, stews, soups and more. It is also a nourishing drink when combined with milk and a little bit of honey. This Indian beverage is called ‘haldar doodh.’ Turmeric makes delicious juice and smoothies as well.


Leave the peel intact to store in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Dependent upon the humidity level in your fridge, your turmeric will start to dry out. To prevent this, you can store loose turmeric in a protective bag or container that allows for some airflow-like a semi-opened zip lock bag or partially closed storage container.

After two weeks you can either freeze or leave out on your countertop to dry. While your turmeric is likely to dry just fine on your counter, drying it at home leaves it susceptible to any mold spores and humidity that are present. There is therefore some risk for mold or rot. If you'd like to avoid this risk, we also recommend freezing your turmeric. To freeze, leave whole or slice/mince and lay on a parchment-lined tray. Freeze until solid and place in a plastic freezer bag or airtight container to be stored for about six months.

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