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Organic Young Green Coconut

Your Organic Young Green Coconuts will arrive ready to eat and should be consumed within 2 days for the best experience possible. Note, that they will contain varying amounts of flesh and some will have only a very thin layer. Not to worry, this experience is about the hydrating juice within!

Green Coconuts are perfect for drinking, however they contain just a small portion of hydrating water. There are many different ways to open and eat your coconuts. You can use a pointed coconut opener, or cleaver, or very sharp knife (please be careful of fingers!). We recommend you watch a number of videos to help you decide what the easiest and SAFEST mode will be for you. Once you reach an opening, pour the coconut water out or drink with a straw. Once empty, cut to expose more of the inside and spoon out the soft white flesh (if any). You may also cut it in half to reach the flesh as needed.


Working with sharp objects is dangerous. When cutting the coconut, please exercise extreme caution.

Store in a cool, dry place, or for the freshest experience, store in the refrigerator upon arrival and consume within two days. Uneaten coconut meat will start to perish if stored in the refrigerator after consuming the liquid. We recommend consuming the water and flesh all in one sitting for the best experience. 

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