The Divine Fruit


Delicate and delicious—and all of fall’s flavors!


Fuyu Persimmon

This delicate and delicious fruit is the cornerstone of a fall cornucopia! It has notes of pear, dates, brown sugar and cinnamon—some even say it has an earthy caramel flavor. It rivals any fall dessert, so move over pumpkin pie! These pretty little Fuyus are great for making ice creams, fruit breads and puddings, and can be frozen and used through the winter months.


The Enjoyment

How do you eat Persimmons?

Slice in wedges on a fall salad!

Cut in half and spoon out the tender flesh.

Bake into your favorite bread or cookie!

How to Store

Stock up for the winter!

You can keep your persimmons at room temperature until ripe. When ripe, place in an unclosed storage bag on the counter, or place in a bowl lightly covered with plastic wrap for about 1-2 days in the refrigerator. If unripe, your persimmons will keep in the fridge for much longer (up to a couple weeks). You can also freeze ripe persimmons to be eaten throughout the year!

The Divine Fruit

Fruit of the Gods

This delicious autumn harvest fruit was named by the Greek gods, the “divine fruit.” It has often been referred to as the “Fruit of the Gods” since. It’s succulent and tender texture is unlike any fruit which is why it must have appealed. Eat like the gods this harvest season and indulge in nature’s dessert.

Meet the Farm

Rick’s Produce

Rick and Alejandro’s farm is small compared to big commercial farms, but their community is huge! Their market supports family-run farms all throughout the Central Valley, and they are committed to supporting their local community with fresh, healthy foods. Dedicated to sustainable farming practices, they operate their own farm in a closed-loop system. Supporting Rick’s farm and market, means supporting an even greater small farm community. Make your small farm food experience personal!

Did you know

Fuyu Persimmon

Fuyu persimmons have been cultivated all over Asia for thousands of years and made their way into the United States in 1856. They are considered the national fruit of Japan and make one heck of a tasty treat!


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