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The Fruit


Persimmons, or "fruit of the gods," is a succulent, sweet fruit available in early winter in North America. Persimmons, which came to the US around 1856, when the seeds were sent from Japan, are red, brown or orange on the outside and inside often resemble a "flat tomato." Patience is a virtue with the persimmon, as they are incredibly tart and bitter before they reach full ripeness. But after that, ooh la la!


How do you eat them

peel them

Peel Them

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Slice Them


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Fun Fact

Fruit Of The Gods

The persimmon is all known as Diospyros, which in Greek means "fruit of the gods." When ripe, these delicious fruits are incredibly sweet, with a texture similar to gummy fruit. Beyond the taste, persimmons were historically used to treat fevers, diarrhea, dysentery and sore throats. Some even say they can help predict the weather - divine indeed!


Getting It Ripe!

Ripe persimmons are amazing, but biting into a non-ripe fruit will dry out your mouth in ways you won't soon forget! Store almost-ripe and just-ripe persimmons at room temperature for maximum freshness. You can speed up the ripening process for green persimmons by placing them in a paper bag. Once they are ripe, wrap loosely in plastic and keep in the fridge for 3-4 days. But use them sooner rather than later as they won't keep forever.

The Recipes

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Did You Know


Perhaps you've been at the market around the holidays and noticed a small orange pumpkin-shaped fruit whose skin resembles that of an apricot. This is a Fuyu persimmon. They are very sweet and have a bright flavor, not unlike an apple, but less acidic.

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