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The Fruit


Pomegranate is the name of both the bush, tree and fruit that grow this luscious exotic fruit. Pomegranates are roughly the size of an orange and have smooth, almost leathery skin that ranges from brownish yellow to red. Inside are dozens of these beautiful transparent, edible seeds that are high in fiber, vitamin C and folic acid. More importantly, they taste amazing!


How do you eat them

cut them in half

Cut It In Half

spoon out the seeds

Spoon Out The Seeds

add and enjoy

Add to Anything & Enjoy!

pomengranate and juice

Fun Fact

The Secret Behind Shirley Temples

Close your eyes for a second and picture your childhood self ordering the most "adult" drink your six-year-old body is allowed: the beloved Shirley Temple. Little did you know that the Grenadine responsible for adding that sweet cherry flavor to the lemon-lime soda is a sticky, sweet syrup made from pomegranate seeds.


Keeping The Seeds Fresh

If you haven't cut your Pomegranate yet, the fruit will stay fresh for a week at room temperature or two weeks in the fridge. Once cut, store the scooped out seeds in an airtight container for up to five days in the fridge or up to three months frozen. Defrost at room temperature and enjoy!

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The Recipes

So Many Ways To Enjoy

Did You Know


Red, round and packed with rosy seeds, pomegranates have enamored humanity for millennia. Its distinct shape earned the pomegranate the nickname “grenade” in French. However, the name "pomegranate" actually comes from the Latin words for "apple" and "seeded". It's a cultured and delious fruit!

Pomegranate did you know