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Sequoia Cherry

Sequoia cherries are deep-red and purple with variegated burgundy and white flesh. They will be plump and their skin will be taut when ripe. Your cherries should arrive ripe, juicy and ready to eat. Consume within a few days of arrival. Always keep stems intact until ready to eat.

When ready to eat (and not before!), rinse your cherries in cold water. Bring your cherries to room temperature as they are more delicious this way for eating fresh out of hand. WARNING: These cherries have PITS! Discard stems and remove the pits as you eat.

Their sweetness and sturdy texture also make them good for baking and preserves. They can also enhance savory meat dishes and salads or be added to mild cheeses like burrata and mascarpone. Pair them with dark chocolate and berries for a refreshing sweet dessert.

Store your Sequoia cherries in the refrigerator upon arrival. They will stay fresher in an airtight container and in the crisper drawer.

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