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Here's a crazy stat - 70% of all produce globally is produced by small farms, but only 2% of that is ever commoditized. That means that nearly all of the food produced on small farms is either consumed by the farmers or wasted. There are a number of reasons why this is the case, but a big part of it has to do with the cost and logistics of shipping produce from point A to point B. Apeel’s ability to offer longer shelf life with reduced reliance on cold storage creates opportunities for small farms, and some of the products of those opportunities - like caviar limes - are available to you through FruitStand. If you've found your way to FruitStand, we hope you're here because you want to discover something new. As a matchmaker marketplace between you, the farm, and the produce, FruitStand is designed to make your discovery go as smoothly as possible.

Like a farm, we work in "harvests," only offering produce when it's ripe and in season to guarantee freshness and the most rewarding experience possible. At times this may mean that we have nothing to offer at FruitStand, but we think that's ok. We work with Nature. So join us. We hope you’ll give FruitStand a try, and in so doing, discover your next favorite thing.


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